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Dark Sauce - Original

Our signature recipe is our Dark Sauce - a sweet sauce with it's own unique flavor - not a salsa or a barbeque, not quite oriental - extremely versitile!

It's many uses include, but are not limited to:

  • a sauce! - great over meatballs, chicken, other meats
  • a marinade! - chicken, pork, other meats
  • a dip! - chicken strips, french fries, oriental noodles, veggie sticks
  • a condiment! - on ham or luncheon meat sandwiches
  • a spoonful! - in baked beans, chili, or stir-fry
  • other quickies! - baste ham, fry bologna, cheeseball, etc.

Price: $7.75 per jar


Dark Sauce - HOT

Dark Sauce is now available in a HOT version with cayenne added. HOT Dark Sauce is delicious over chicken wings, ribs, fried bologna or just about anything!

Price: $7.75 per jar


Meatball Mix

Meatball Mix is easy to use and is the recipe we use to compliment our sauces. It's mild, country taste is popular with children and others who prefer "simple tastes." It is also good as a sprinkle over baked dishes.

Price: $4.75 per bag


Hillbilly Sunset Instant Drink Mix

A delicious orange, cherry, and cinnamon drink mix.

Price: $4.75 per bag


Grandma's Hot Toddy Instant Drink Mix

A dab of hot butter melted into Grandma Stella's clove & cinnamon recipe is so-o-o soothing (add a spoonful of honey to make it even sweeter).

Price: $4.75 per bag


Dark Cocoa Instant Drink Mix

A dark cocoa spiced with nutmeg & cinnamon make this a family favorite (melt in some marshmallow creme for a truely rich treat).

Price: $4.75 per bag



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